Born and raised in Bolton, Lancashire UK, Redd (real name Amy Louise) made her first official appearance in 2010 on ITV’s The X Factor reaching the final 50 contestants at Boot Camp. Redd has since gone on to release many songs around the world with some of the biggest artists and producers globally.

'I’m A Day Dreaming' featuring Akon & Snoop Dogg, charted across Europe and reached #1 in Finland and #2 in Japan, followed by 'Bedroom' featuring Mr Worldwide himself and American Singer/Rapper, Qwote, which topped the Japan charts at #1 beating the likes of Calvin Harris and David Guetta.

Redd has toured LGBTQ Prides across the UK and Spain, making additional live appearances at prestige events and charity fundraisers as well Christmas Light’s events around the UK. 

Currently an affiliate of the renowned James Bulger Memorial Trust, Redd has accomplished a series of adrenaline challenges to raise both awareness and money for the charity, which has become close to her heart.

As an accomplished dancer, actress and singer-songwriter, Redd has performed since the age of 9 and has always been considered a triple threat, having performed all over Europe to many different audiences.

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